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Sculpture as Screen

A multi-component output consisting of a series of five works ('Kitchen Collider', JHB, Pellucid, 'Office Metropolis', 'Brunel's last dream') that exist as either video projection installations or videos documenting the said installations. These works utilise projected animations to examine the nature of the screen as a sculptural concern.

An on-going series of installations and videos that utilise projected animations to examine the nature of the screen and its relationship to the vernacular and the technological.

The research methodology involves an iterative, studio-based enquiry and the work operates within the field of interdisciplinary installation involving the intersection of sculpture, animation and video projection. The animations are abstract rather than figurative in opposition to the projections of Oursler and Wodiczko. The ‘screens’ for the projections are ad hoc sculptural constructions often made from low level or discarded materials which means that this work is significantly different from any gigantic, public projections onto buildings.

The research investigates how the receiving screen for a projected image might be constructed in three dimensions to disrupt and reformulate any perception or potential reading of the said image. At the same time the research accommodates and acknowledges the material significance of the screen and how this might act as a foil to the technology involved. The sculptural elements are not simply a receiver for the projection but operate as a considered array of materials and objects that reference the work of Sze, Rhoades, Bock and Takahashi.

The research dislocates any generally accepted procedures for the presentation of projected moving images and repositions these within a frictional dichotomy between the technological and the everyday. The work purposely opposes any slick grandiosity involved in projecting images and the ‘smartness’ of technology is undercut with a ‘lo-fi’ sense of making do. The work creates an interplay that continuously questions the relationship between image and object and the shift in perception between the material and the immaterial.

The installations and videos resulting from the research are exhibited in art galleries as well as domestic and corporate spaces both nationally and internationally.

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