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Dr Alan Summers

Alan’s design practice explores the tension between layers of physical and digital information within objects and environments. He works with augmented and virtual realities to illuminate how digital narratives sit upon the landscapes we inhabit and communicate to us within the objects we use.

Alan’s principal research practice explores the understanding of experiential systems and cultural knowledge upon the design and implementation of real and digital environments. His PhD study examined specific cultural differences between Eastern and Western cognitive processes in the design of 3D digital environments.

His research also questions the ubiquity of Western Albertian perspectives and the influence of Cartesian logic in the development of computer-generated space and its subsequent effect on human spatial awareness. This is generating a creative and analytical body of practice to inform the future design of communications within augmented and virtual realities, where the logic of a computer-generated space augments the psychophysiological space of the user.

Dr Alan Summers

Programme Leader: MA Design


Dr Alan Summers

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