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Dr Simon Grennan

Dr Simon Grennan is an established visual artist specialising in word/image, an educator and an awarded scholar of narrative drawing, with particular expertise in the histories of drawing, comics, remediation and inter-media. He is a recognised theorist of the pedagogic relationship between practice and research and an experienced, public facing practitioner.

Dr Grennan is author of A Theory of Narrative Drawing (Palgrave Macmillan 2017) and Dispossession (one of The Guardian Books of the Year 2015), a graphic adaptation of a novel by Anthony Trollope (Jonathan Cape and Les Impressions Nouvelles 2015). He is co-author, with Roger Sabin and Julian Waite, of Marie Duval: Maverick Victorian Cartoonist (Manchester University Press 2019), Marie Duval (Myriad 2018) and The Marie Duval Archive ( and co-editor, with Laurence Grove, of Transforming Anthony Trollope: 'Dispossession', Victorianism and 19th century word and image (Leuven University Press 2015), among others.

Since 1990, he has been half of international artists team Grennan & Sperandio, producer of over forty comics and books ( Dr Grennan is Leading Research Fellow at the University of Chester and Principal Investigator for the two-year research project Marie Duval presents Ally Sloper: the female cartoonist and popular theatre in London 1869-85, funded by an AHRC Research Grant: Early Career (2014).

Dr Simon Grennan

Leading Research Fellow


Dr Simon Grennan

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